Discount Las Vegas Hotels

Are you a seasoned gambler that looks forward to a relaxing weekend gambling in Las Vegas? Or are you looking forward to a nice honeymoon place where you and your fiancé can stay after you get married? If you answered yes to either of these questions, but you just have a small budget for your stay, then perhaps you need to start looking for discount Las Vegas hotels.

Discount Las Vegas hotels are hotels in Las Vegas that offer a low rate and discount to travelers and other guests. Some of these hotels offer up to a 40% to 70% discount on their published rates and even provide free breakfast as part of the package. Discount Las Vegas hotels also offer great savings and free services on family vacation bookings as well as group bookings.

Some of the discount hotels that you can find in Las Vegas include the Riviera Hotel and Casino, which is located right on Las Vegas Strip and only one block from the Convention Center; Tuscany Suites Hotel and Casino, located only two blocks off of the Strip; Best Western Mardi Gras Suites & Casino, also located one block south of the Convention Center; and Siena Suites, which is just a few short minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and McCarran International Airport.


All these discount Las Vegas hotels are very affordable and can offer you great general amenities such as a large casino, quiet pool, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets. Personal amenities include dry cleaning and laundry services, daily maid service, wedding coordinators for those who plan to get married in Vegas, multi-lingual staff, and express check out.

Additionally, there are also room amenities and business amenities that include refrigerators, hair dryers, optional irons and ironing boards, and full service business centers.

A grand vacation in Las Vegas need not be expensive. With these discount Las Vegas hotels, you can have a perfect vacation and feel totally at home while traveling.

The History of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a hot spot for adult oriented entertainment. Arguably the center of the gambling universe, Las Vegas is also home to many psychics, some more talented than others, who proclaim to be able to help you win big in the casinos. Some of these people exist solely to make money, others can help you trigger premonitions to know when it is time to call, or when it is time to fold.

Las Vegas became what it is today thanks to the gangsters of old, who were seeking a place where they could cash in, legally, with gambling. No longer were card games going to be held in back rooms in New Jersey. The glitz and glamour surrounding Las Vegas ensured that people would flock to it from all over the world, looking for fun and riches. And that is exactly what happened.

Not far behind were the psychics, eager to set up shop, promising riches and rewards for following their advice and paying for their services. Very few of these people still exist, replaced by more trustworthy, talented psychics. Today, there are literally hundreds of Vegas psychics, who will help you take advantage of your potentially natural psychic talents, using premonitions to your advantage. Most of us are very in tune with what surrounds us, we simply are not aware of it until someone helps us tune in on our perceptive nature. By using your natural premonition abilities, you can increase your winning potential at the blackjack table ten fold.

Splash Out On Spectacular Holidays to Las Vegas

For your next group holidays, there is no better way to celebrate than throwing the party to end all parties in Sin City itself! Perfect for celebrating birthdays, stag do’s and hen parties, Las Vegas is the place to party like a rock star while creating memories that last a life time. With its iconic casinos, ultra-trendy clubs and lounges where you can drink at all hours, there’s something to see and do 24 hours a day.

There are dozens of stage shows in Las Vegas on any given night. From cabaret, to circus’, to concerts – you can find something that will suit everyone in Las Vegas. Free shows about town include Circus Circus, and the Sirens of Ti – a once family-oriented pirate show that has evolved into an entertaining showgirl experience. Be aware that some shows can be very expensive so look for online deals on tickets before you go to save a bundle. Many shows have special deals for group bookings, so look out for these.

There are plenty of nightclubs to enjoy in Vegas. Make it a spectacular experience and splash out on a table complete with flowing champagne. Voo-Doo Lounge is one of the best clubs in Vegas, sitting at the top of the Rio. If you’re looking for an after hours bar, visit Drais – a stag party favourite. It is in the lower portion of the Barbary coast, and doesn’t open until 2 am. Other recommended spots include Cleopatra’s Barge at Caesar’s palace (a real floating barge), the Freakin’ Frog (large beer selection and live music), and Nine Fine Irishmen – built in Ireland and shipped to Las Vegas – how’s that for decadence?

Everybody knows that Vegas is full of casinos, so why not get ahead of the game? Several hotels now offer gambling lessons to increase your chance of winning. These hour-long classes provide excellent holiday deals for big groups. Once the card skills have been honed, visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to gambling. In Las Vegas, you can even gamble at the supermarket. Don’t forget that free drinks are offered to all players in most casinos, which is definitely a bonus given the steep prices in many casinos.

If the thrill of the blackjack table isn’t your bag, or the dealer at the casino is taking too much of your money, strap on a parachute for some Las Vegas sky diving. It will make your Las Vegas holidays unforgettable! If you’re in for a bit of a thrill ride, check out the Big Shot at the Stratosphere, a mega bungee rope that is guaranteed to give you something to shout about!

If you’re looking for somewhere lively to go with a big group of friends, consider holidays to Las Vegas. This isn’t the place to go on a tight budget if you really want to enjoy the city, so splash out on holidays to Sin City.